Healthy gums have a fleshy pink-colored appearance; however, they may become red if you don’t follow a proper oral regime. If you wonder, “Why are my gums white?” continue with this blog for your answers. There are many reasons for developing white spots on the gums; let’s discuss a few to understand the situation better.

What Causes White Gums?

We don’t pay much attention, but many regular habits result in white gums, including tobacco smoking, alcohol consumption, or uneven filling of the cavities, crown placement, dentures, etc. Moreover, there are a few medical conditions linked with pale gums development:

1. Canker Sores

Canker sores are the kind of ulcers that grow in the inner layers of the mouth; such as cheeks, underneath the tongue, lips, or gums, and usually, they appear white on the bottom gums. It is a fact that canker sores develop in spots, but if the white patch is not spotted, canker sore is not the cause of this color change.


Canker sores need no medical attention and heal within 2 weeks. However, it becomes worse, contact your dentist for a quick checkup. Mouth rinse or an ointment is usually prescribed for relief.

2. Leukoplakia

White patches emerge from the base of the mouth on the gum tissues, inner cheeks, or the tongue. Brushing away white spots from the gums is impossible; therefore, proper treatment is advised.


The white patches are sent for a biopsy, and then the treatment plan is suggested accordingly. Primarily, lifestyle change is a must, such as cutting out smoking, healthy eating, etc.

3. Gingivitis

Poor oral hygiene is the main reason bacteria grow in the gum, starting inflammation at the site, which changes the look. The gums become white and start receding. Some other symptoms of gingivitis are:

  1. Gum bleed during brushing
  2. Loose teeth
  3. Red gums


Bacterial manifestation is easily combated with an appropriate oral hygiene regime, including regular brushing and floss. Moreover, you can opt for a deep dental cleaning- scaling and root planing process twice a year for keeping bacteria at bay.

4. Anemia

Anemia is characterized by low red blood cell levels in the human body. These red blood cells are essential for oxygen transportation that help in body functioning. Less healthy RBCs mean poor supply causing laziness, fatigue, shortness of breath, etc.
Multiple reasons make a person anemic, from lack of vitamin B-12 to iron deficiency in the body. However, anemia also serves as an indicator for Crohn’s disease, and this issue makes your body tissues such as the skin and gum pale or white in appearance.


Dietary changes and supplements for iron or vitamin B-12 help healthy cell regeneration and circulation.

5. Oral Thrush

Oral thrush – a yeast infection that grows inside the oral cavity. Thrush or candidiasis is mostly found amongst babies and toddlers. The mouth is filled with pale bumps, turning the gum, tongue, and cheeks white.


Antifungal prescription drugs work best for treating thrush.


White gums serve as a clear indicator of something wrong in the oral cavity. Usually, the reasons are not a matter of emergency. However, you should know the root cause of this change in your body. If you are searching for an affordable dentist in Houston, reach out to Vintage Oral Surgery. Our professionals are here for your aid. Call now at 281 800 8852 for an appointment today.

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