Wisdom Teeth Removal Houston, Texas 77070

Wisdom Tooth Removal

In most cases a set of 20 teeth erupt by the age of two to three years. However, teeth eruption process does not complete till the third molars also erupt. These are the wisdom teeth that are located at the far end of the mouth. In most cases, these erupt by the age of twenty, starting from middle teenage. In rare cases, these erupt late at the age of 30 or even 40. At times the wisdom teeth do not erupt straight and only appear partially causing pain and sometimes infection.

Vintage Oral Surgery in Houston, TX 77070 specializes in the removal of the wisdom teeth. So if you live in Houston, then visit us at: 11620 Louetta Rd. Suite B.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Not all are lucky in the eruption of wisdom teeth. Many people have smaller jaws and do not have space for all four molars, which makes the eruption of the last molars difficult. The wisdom teeth therefore, become impacted, i.e., they get trapped in the jaw or only erupt partially. An impacted or partially impacted tooth makes chewing and eating difficult. Our experts remove such teeth before they develop their roots.

Removal of Wisdom Teeth in Houston, TX

Before removal, we do an oral examination and take x-rays to check the position of the wisdom teeth. Through this, we check for any present and future problems that might occur due to impacted wisdom teeth. Some of the problems that might arise when the wisdom tooth stays in the mouth are as follows:

Gum Infection

It is the most common problem that people face when they do not remove the wisdom tooth. If the gums do not have enough space for the eruption of the wisdom tooth, infection develops in the surrounding tissues. This results in pain, swelling, and other dental problems.


An impacted wisdom tooth may also develop fluid-filled cyst inside the jaw bone. These cysts can spread to the surrounding jaw bone and teeth. Without removing wisdom teeth, the treatment of the cysts can become difficult. Tumors can also form if an impacted wisdom tooth is not removed.


One of the reasons for crowded teeth is impacted wisdom teeth, which become even more noticeable when the front rows have some extra teeth. Front teeth are mostly seen crowded when people have had braces. Most orthodontists would recommend removal of wisdom teeth in patients who have crowding.

Damaged Teeth

When due to insufficient space for the wisdom teeth, the other teeth become crowded, it becomes difficult to clean them. This affects the teeth in front of the impacted tooth, which can also cause gum diseases, bone loss, or tooth decay.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Aftercare

Our team uses IV sedation for removal of wisdom tooth. However, in certain cases local anesthesia alone or in combination with nitrous oxide (laughing gas) can also be used. Before the procedure, our doctors discuss all the associated risks as well as the risk of surgery.

After the procedure, our surgeon places a gauze in your mouth and makes you bite it to stop bleeding. Our team makes you rest in our office until you get ready to go home. Before you leave, our expert will give you a list of medicines that you will need to manage the swelling and pain. You will also get a date for a follow-up appointment, if necessary.

So if you have a wisdom teeth that is not growing straight or are affecting the surrounding teeth then visit Vintage Oral Surgery for their removal.

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