Are you concerned about the hard bony lump on your gum? It can be scary to notice a bony growth on your gum line. Usually, the bony bump on the gums is not a cause for concern. You can visit your dentist or oral surgeon to inspect your gums. After diagnosing the cause, they can offer adequate treatment. But why does the bony protrusion on gums even occur?

In this blog, we will go over the possible causes of the hard bump in your mouth. We will also mention when you should seek emergency dental services. Continue reading to learn more about the gum bump.

Causes of Hard Bony Lump on Gums

A dental expert can determine why you have a hard bony lump on your gums. Also known as exostosis or osteoma, a bony growth forms on top of the existing bone. It is widely believed that chronic bone irritation or injury is the culprit for bony spur on the gums. However, many individuals also notice a bone protruding on gums after a tooth extraction procedure.

Some other reasons why you might be noticing a bump on your gums could include the following:

1. Cyst

A dental cyst is a small bubble that contains air, liquid, or other soft materials. You might notice a cyst near the roots of buried or dead teeth. Moreover, cyst on the gums grows gradually, not causing any symptoms unless it is infected. In case it gets an infection, pain and swelling appear around the bump on the gums.

Your oral surgeon can easily remove the dental cyst with the help of a surgical procedure.

2. Abscess

Bacterial infections can form a pus-filled pocket known as a periodontal abscess. A soft bump on your gums that causes pain in and around the affected area could be a periodontal abscess. Furthermore, it might be warm to the touch.

If you suspect the gum bump to be an abscess, see your dentist right away. Since gum infection can spread and cause painful symptoms, it’s better to let the periodontist eliminate the problem source.

3. Canker Sore

The painful lump on your gums might actually be a canker sore. These mouth ulcers are typically harmless, and they disappear on their own within two weeks.

Consult your dental specialist if you want pain relief; they can prescribe medications to alleviate the symptoms.

4. Fibroma

Fibroma is among the most common causes of hard lumps on gums. These noncancerous bumps appear on gum tissues that are irritated or injured. Oftentimes, irritation due to dentures or other dental devices can result in oral fibromas. In addition, fibromas are dome-shaped, hard, smooth, painless bumps.

In most cases, dental treatment is not required for oral fibromas.

5. Mandibular Torus

A mandibular torus could be why you have a bony growth in your mouth. The bony protrusion on gums could appear on the upper or lower jaw, and it is quite common. Additionally, your gums might develop one or more of these hard bony lump. Although the exact cause is unknown, it usually does not require immediate treatment. Still, it’s better to visit your oral surgeon to be sure why you have a bony bump on your gums.

What’s Next?

If you have noticed a hard bony lump on your gums, it could have many causes. This is why you should visit an oral healthcare provider to diagnose the cause. Our specialists at Vintage Oral Surgery can also help you with any issues related to your oral cavity. Contact us at (281) 800 8852. You can also visit our clinic at 11620 Louetta Rd. Suite B Houston, TX, 77070.

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