Sometimes, tooth loss is inevitable, especially if the tooth is badly damaged or decayed. If you need a tooth pulled out, your dentist or oral surgeon might suggest a bone graft after tooth extraction.

Do All Extractions Require Bone Grafting?

If you’re getting a dental implant after a tooth extraction, you might need a bone graft. When a tooth is removed, the bone around it can shrink quickly. So, dentists sometimes use bone graft materials to keep the area strong after the tooth is gone. They decide based on each case.

Your dentist might take X-rays to see how much bone is lost around the tooth hole. If there’s a certain type of bone loss, like from advanced gum disease, they might use a bone graft to keep the bone healthy and prevent more tissue loss.

Is It Good to Get a Bone Graft After Tooth Extraction?

Putting bone graft material into the socket after a tooth is removed helps grow new bone and stops more bone loss. This gives you enough strong bones to support things like implants. Without a graft, you might only have 60% of your original bone left after 6-12 months.

How Long Can You Wait to Get a Bone Graft After Tooth Extraction?

The bone graft can be put in during the tooth extraction to make it easier. However, some patients heal better if they wait 4-12 weeks for the hole from the extraction to fill up first before doing the graft.

Recovery Time After Bone Graft Surgery

After a dental bone graft, it’s normal to have some pain and swelling. This usually gets better within a week or two, but it can take 4 to 6 months to fully heal. The time it takes to heal depends on:

  • Where the graft is placed
  • Size of the bone defect
  • Overall health
  • How well your body heals on its own is different for everyone.

Tooth Extraction and Bone Graft Cost

When gum disease causes bone loss, a bone graft can be cheaper than the combined costs of untreated gum disease. A surgical tooth extraction can range from $350 to $575, while a standard bone graft can cost between $250 and $1200.

The price varies based on factors like the type and amount of graft material used, how hard it is to access the site, and the expertise of the dental professional performing the procedure.

Final Verdict

Dental implants need strong support and a sturdy foundation to stand tall and act like a natural tooth. An empty socket initiates bone loss in your dental arch. Therefore, dentists recommend a bone graft after tooth extraction to strengthen the groundwork for dental implants.

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