The final sets of the molar to rise after the age of 15-16 are the wisdom teeth. Being latecomers, they often create problems, and in most situations, they occur at crooked angles. To make their place, they push existing teeth and cause decay, infection, and inflammation close by tissues and gums. Hence, removing wisdom teeth is the only solution to these problems; however, there is a need for adequate care after the procedure. When it comes to diet plans, people often wonder when can I eat after wisdom teeth removal. Though schedules may vary depending on the oral condition, whatever is best for you after the surgery will be recommended.

When can I eat after wisdom teeth removal?

Having a healthy diet is necessary for both gums and teeth, though it has to be soft so that you don’t require much chewing after surgery. Have food with no chance of getting fixed between the teeth or gums, mostly where surgery is done. Good oral hygiene will discourage bacterial growth and avoid complications and the spread of infections. Few hours after the surgery, you can have soup, yogurt, ice cream, or smoothies, but be careful it is not too hot. Besides, the use of straw is prohibited after teeth removal. For the next few days, the diet plan can have;

  • Warm soups and broth rich in nutrition and vitamins to speed up the recovery.
  • Soft bread, cereals, and oatmeals are an excellent choice at breakfasts.
  • Dairy items like yogurt, milkshakes, custard, pudding, scrambled eggs, etc.
  • Soft and pureed fruits and veggies like bananas or boiled potatoes; also remove seeds, if any, before having as they might fix in between the teeth.
  • Macaroni and cheese is a healthy option that can fill in your appetite.

Foods to avoid after wisdom tooth removal

For the next few days or a week, try to remove the following foods and beverages from your plan as they might cause dental problems.

  • Foods those are acidic, hard, and spicy. These react inside the mouth and release unwanted substances that might harm your empty sockets.
  • Hard food includes crisps, chewy bread, and pizza crust.
  • Alcohol, fizzy drinks, and other alcoholic beverages
  • Hard fruits and veggies and those that have seeds in them

However, after two weeks or so, you can have crisp, popcorn, and nuts but slowly and carefully. Try not to smoke or chew tobacco for a few more days until the area heals entirely as the chemicals can react. If the blood clot damages, it can result in extreme pain, and healing time increases, causing many problems. Besides, be careful that the debris doesn’t come in contact with the clot.

How long after wisdom teeth removal can I eat normally?

If everything goes typically and the area heals up properly within a week or so after the surgery, you can continue eating normally. However, some care is still necessary for healthy oral teeth as complete recovery is crucial else it can have adverse effects. So, when can I eat after wisdom teeth removal depends on your oral health.

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