Invisalign offers beautiful results without brackets and wires. But, because braces have been around for several years, Invisalign can be viewed as a new kind of treatment. This has led to some misbelief about the Invisalign treatment. Keep reading to learn the truth about Invisalign!

Myth #1: Treatment with Invisalign takes longer than braces

One of the most amazing features of Invisalign aligners is that they are removable. They are designed to be removed any time you eat, and when you brush or floss, so there is some form of freedom that is just not available with traditional braces because of fixed brackets.

Orthodontic treatments require patient compliance, but this is especially important with Invisalign aligners. Because braces are a fixed appliance, they do not take much work on the patient. Aligners are a removable appliance, so it is the patient’s choice to wear them the recommended 20-22 hours each day.

Myth #2: Invisalign Treatment costs more than traditional braces

In the earlier days of orthodontic treatment, Invisalign was considered quite expensive. As the treatment became more accessible and more popular, that cost has decreased accordingly. While there are several factors to consider when determining the overall cost of any treatment, in general, today’s Invisalign aligners tend to cost just about the same as traditional braces.

Myth #3: Invisalign is harder to keep up with than braces

This is not the truth, since Invisalign aligners are removable, it’s very easy to maintain a good oral hygiene routine! Simply remove the Invisalign while you brush and floss, then replace it afterward.

There are no food restrictions with aligners, either, something that many braces patients struggle with. Brackets and wires mean leaving some of your favorite foods during the treatment, but you can remove these aligners before eating, so you’re able to keep everything you love on the menu!

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