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TMJ Specialist Houston

Some dental problems occur alone, while others occur as a set with many concerns. Such disorders are Temporomandibular joint (TMJ). These are a family of several problems connected to the jaw joint. If you feel pain or hear clicking sound, you should make yourself ready for the treatment. The temporomandibular joint connects your jaw to the skull, and when the jaw joints do not work with the chewing muscles, disorders develop. Early detection of TMJ is essential as this disorder can lead to serious problems. If you live in Houston and are finding a TMJ specialist, then visit Vintage Oral Surgery, where Dr. Millwala will help you treat the problem.

What may cause TMJ disorders?

There are multiple reasons for TMJ disorders. The habit of clenching or grinding your teeth or even stressing your jaw muscles can be some of the reasons. An injury can also damage your joints, which may cause pain and discomfort. A person with arthritis can also suffer from such disorders. All the causes may make your bite misaligned, and you will have a problem opening your mouth wide.

Symptoms identification by Houston TMJ Specialist

A person having a TMJ disorder will have the following symptoms:

  1. Grinding or clenching teeth
  2. Waking up with sores and stiff muscles of jaws
  3. Teeth do not meet similarly every time
  4. Pain getting worse by clenching teeth
  5. Jaw locks when you open your mouth
  6. Neck and head pain frequently
  7. Head, jaw or neck injury
  8. Difficulty biting or tearing food
  9. Jaw clicks when you open your mouth.
  10. Teeth no longer touching when you bite.
  11. Having loose, sensitive, and broken teeth.
  12. Faced problems like arthritis
  13. Difficult or painful to open your mouth
It is good to understand TMJ disorder. Therefore, if you identify the above-mentioned symptoms, make an appointment with us, and get the problem treated.

Dr. Milllwala – Experienced TMJ Specialist

Vintage Oral Surgery evaluate your condition, and after confirming the diagnosis of TMJ disorder, our expert Dr. Millwala will offer you several treatments to correct the functioning of your jaws.

We have a team of experts who are professional at their work. Their main goal is to manage the joint pain for which they give pain relievers and muscle relaxants. At times the experts can inject steroids in the joints for relieving pain.

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