When you get up in the morning and look in the mirror, noticing a bump on your jaw bone can be alarming. A noticeable lump on your jawline that moves is not usually as threatening as it seems. The reasons for a movable lump on your jaw bone range from harmless to serious. Therefore, read this blog to know what causes call for a visit to your oral healthcare provider straight away.

7 Movable Lump on Jaw Causes

Whether an insect bite or a tumor, a moving lump in the jaw is always terrifying to notice. But your dentist can identify the cause and treat it accordingly. Thus, knowing the possible reasons it occurs might help you put your mind at ease. The movable lump on your jaw bone might be:


Allergies sometimes cause swelling in your lymph nodes or other areas of your face, including your jawline. Exposure to allergens or an allergic reaction might result In allergies. You might notice swollen sinuses and glands when you eat or drink something that triggers an allergic reaction. In addition, your lymph nodes and face are susceptible to swelling if exposed to an allergen.

Tooth Abscess

Neglecting oral care can allow harmful bacteria to accumulate in your mouth, often leading to a bacterial infection or a tooth abscess. Factors like root canal problems, untreated cavities, fractured teeth, and tooth trauma can also make your gums and jaw appear swollen.

Sharp tooth pain along with swelling needs urgent dental care. The dentist might treat the swollen area with a root canal or infection. Or, if your condition is not severe, they might even drain the infection and prescribe antibiotics.


Lipoma, a benign lump of fat deposit, can also develop under your chin. It forms under the skin, taking a colorless appearance. These soft, harmless growths usually appear on your neck and jaw.


Some people might notice benign growths on their jaw, where teeth develop. The benign tumors, made of your body’s natural tissues, might be the movable lump on your jaw. Known as ossifying fibroma, this condition is harmless. Don’t let the word ‘tumor’ frighten you, as fibroma is a non-cancerous soft tissue.


The lump might be a dentigerous cyst on your jawline. Filled with fluid or another material, a cyst usually has no symptoms. But, sometimes, it causes inflammation and discomfort.

Swollen Lymph Nodes

Present underneath your skin, lymph nodes become swollen when your body is fighting an infection. This is because these glands store white blood cells. The movable lump on your jaw bone might look soft, but it is painful to touch. In addition to a movable lump, you might experience fevers, chills, and a runny nose if this is the cause.


Yes, the immobile lump on your jaw might actually be a malignant cancerous tumor. A type of cancer, liposarcoma, shows up as a soft and movable lump on your jaw bone. In most cases, they do not hurt upon touching.

What’s Next?

Now that you know what the movable lump on your jaw bone might be visit an oral healthcare provider for diagnosis and treatment. Our Vintage Oral Surgery experts can help. Dial (281) 800 8852 to contact us today.

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