Dental implants are becoming one of the popular ways to replace missing teeth. Besides, people find it convenient and comfortable as they function exactly like natural ones. After implants, you can bite, chew and swallow comfortably without any restrictions. To suit individual needs, different types of dental implants are present that serve various purposes. Hence, your oral health provider will suggest the best one suitable for you. To replace teeth, you might have an implant-supported with dentures and a crown. Besides other ways are bridges and crowns to replace your missing teeth.

Dental Implants

Having implants is a long process; before starting them, few bone requirements have to be appropriate. In case the bone density lacks, a graft is necessary before implant surgery. Frame inserts into the jaw during implants that will hold the structure that resembles your natural teeth. The frame ensures no overcrowding or shifting in the jaws, and all stay in their place. Furthermore, it is one of the most convenient ways and requires no extra care and maintenance. Similar to natural teeth, you have to maintain hygiene.

A few benefits of a dental implant than other methods are improving speech and improving pronunciation of the words spoken. Secondly, it protects teeth and jawbone. Implants are durable and require no extra care or multiple dental appointments after settling in your mouth. They are long-lasting, and you don’t get a sunken facial appearance. Living without teeth is not possible; however, dental implants serve the purpose.

Types of dental implants

All on 4 implants
These replace multiple missing teeth in your mouth. Moreover, it’s a reliable and robust way and returns your natural way of eating, biting, and chewing. The method retains your bone density and strength. Over the years, it is quite a successful method. Discuss with your oral surgeon to know if you are the right candidate for it.

Implant-supported dentures
This is a combination of dentures and implants fused. It helps reduce the painful sores in your mouth; besides, you are free from traditional denture inconvenience. The type is painless, and there is a high level of comfort after getting it.

Bridges are useful to replace missing teeth in your mouth. A bridge closes the gap in your mouth to restore your smile and biting and chewing habits. Besides, bridges are made of different materials that include gold, alloy, porcelain, etc., and you have a wide variety to choose from.

A crown is like a cap on your teeth. It hides flaws and strain, giving extra strength and a look to the teeth. A crown is put up on broken or cracked teeth to improve your smile and physical appearance. It also protects the teeth from bacteria and wears and tear. Usually, after oral surgery, a crown is placed on the teeth to save them from external damages. Besides, these are custom made after taking your mouth’s exact calculations.

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