In itself, the decision to get braces is a big one considering the pain one has to go through. The process is not painful. However, the pressure it puts adds agony, but that too does not last long. If you have spot stains from having braces, follow this blog to know about them.

More than just one type of stain can appear on the tooth with braces on; brown, yellow, and white. Let’s have a look at the causes and treatment methods.

Causes of White Stains on Teeth With Braces

It is a very common side effect that appears when the teeth have braces on. The main reason behind this is plaque buildup. A film-like sticky layer forms on the enamel, which has the potential to cause tooth decay.

In case you do not remove this layer by brushing and flossing properly, it can progress into a chalky structure. Braces make it all the more difficult to clean those white chalky stains that weaken the teeth.

Basically, the teeth’ enamel demineralizes in the area where braces brackets are, forming white stains.

Because of the brackets and wires, bristles and floss string does not cover the whole surface properly. Tiny white spots where the braces were affixed are seen once removed.


Well, it is advised to get a dentist’s help to get rid of this issue. Sometimes, it is recommended to do nothing about it. Regular brush and floss with a good toothpaste, preferably the one with fluoride, works best to remove these stains where the braces used to be.

Remineralization is another method to get the enamel spots rectified. Usually, a cream is applied to the area where white stains are present. Teeth whitening toothpaste is also a good option to whiten teeth on the whole.

Causes of Brown and yellow braces stain

As discussed, white stains are caused by the demineralization of tooth enamel. Braces stain other than white, like yellow or brown appear because of a different reason.

Sometimes, a tooth starts to develop decay in a certain area of the tooth. If that spot is rebuilt by following good oral hygiene, then a brown stain or scar appears on it.

Other reasons could be the consumption of beverages like tea, coffee, beer, or food that has stain leaving pigments. The porous outer layer absorbs particles that leave color, especially where the braces brackets are.


The treatment plan widely depends upon the cause of the braces stain.

Here’s how to get rid of brown or yellow stains from braces.

Enamel Infiltration

In this method, the porous layer of the tooth having discoloration is filled with a resinous material for strength and to make the color uniform.


Dental bleaching works well in cases where the discoloration is mild. This method is apt for white spots because they blend very easily with time.

Dental Veneers

Veneers easily cover the whole frontal area. They are thin coverings made of porcelain or any other strong material that encapsulate the real tooth. This method can easily cover any braces stain, be it white, yellow, or brown.


Head to Vintage Oral Surgery in case of tooth discoloration issue. Decide on the best treatment after thorough consultation with one of our dentists. Call now at 281 800 8852 for more details.

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