Socket Preservation Procedure Houston, Tx

Preserving Your Jaw Bone after Extraction

Bone loss, infection, or fracture in the tooth sometimes requires the removal of teeth. The bone that holds the tooth in place(the socket) can be impaired by disease and/or infection, which distorts the jaw after removal. Moreover, when teeth are removed, the surrounding bone and gums are likely to fall off and shrink rapidly, resulting in hideous flaws and a collapse of lips and cheeks.

These jaw defects can create complications in performing Restorative dentistry, whether your treatment includes dental implants, dentures, or bridges. Socket prevention is a procedure that helps to prevent and repair jaw distortion caused by tooth removal. Socket preservation helps lay a foundation for a successful dental implant and gives you a flawless smile.

Different methods can be used to minimize bone loss and preserve the bone after tooth removal. In one common method, the socket is filled with bone or bone substitute after tooth extraction. It is then covered with gum or artificial membrane to stimulate the body’s natural ability to reconstruct the socket. With this method, the socket heals, eliminating the collapse of the surrounding gums and facial tissues.

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