Ridge Augmentation Houston, Texas 77070

Ridge augmentation is a common dental procedure usually done after tooth removal. It effectively helps to repair the shape of gums or jaw that may have been disoriented due to bone loss from tooth removal, or for any other reason.

The bone surrounding the roots of teeth is known as an alveolar ridge. After tooth extraction, the alveolar ridge is left with an empty socket, which often heals on its own, filling with bone and tissue. But it also sometimes fails to heal on its own, causing the socket’s current height and width to collapse.

To regain the original height and width of the socket is sometimes required for dental implants or aesthetic purposes but is not medically necessary. A ridge augmentation helps to reconstruct the bone required by dental implants to support their structure.

How Is The Procedure Accomplished?

At first, the tooth socket is filled with bone graft material immediately after the tooth extraction eliminating the need for any second procedure later. Then, the gum tissue is placed over the socket and secured with sutures.

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