Do people steer away when you start talking? Maybe it is because of your bad breath. People are now much woke towards this issue and want to get rid of it too. Sometimes you might be able to smell your breath, but there are other ways to tell if you have this issue or not. One marker is your floss string. If your floss smells bad after an oral regime, you most likely have bad breath.

Why does my floss smell bad?

Bad breath is also known as halitosis. Approximately one out of four people suffer from this condition. Foul odor in the string after you get done with flossing is mainly because of the rotten food particles, mostly meat or fibrous food. When the food debris is left behind for more than twenty-four hours, it starts to rot or decompose. This decomposition gives off sulfur gas, giving the string its smell.

The entrapment of food is common when the teeth have open contact. If your floss string, at any point between the teeth, goes smoothly without a pop sound, that is the place where food most likely settles down.

What can be done?

There are many things like gums, mouthwashes, specialized toothpaste designed to get rid of the bad smell. But along with those, it is very important to brush and floss daily for control if your breath smells bad. It won’t work if you don’t get the food particles out no matter how many items you use.

Once you have established that your floss string smells bad, there is another approach to get rid of it. Using a tongue scraper to scrape off the bacterial layer helps a lot to reduce foul odor-producing bacteria.

Hydration is the key. If you feel that nothing is working, neither mouthwashes nor a good oral regime, make sure you are not dehydrating yourself. Drinking water regularly aids in bacteria removal.

Causes of bad breath

With proper brush and floss technique, eradicating root cause for bad smell is important too. Find out what is causing the reek and fix it.

Your mouth harbors bacteria; they feed on the food particles that are left behind in the mouth. Less floss and brush will lead to the accumulation of bacteria. As a result, they will release sulfur content in the mouth, causing a bad smell.

Plaque buildup
Lack of floss leads to tartar or plaque buildup, which entraps gas-producing bacteria.

Use of tobacco
Tobacco not only itself has a bad smell but also contributes to gum disease.

Sometimes, you may be doing everything right, floss, brush everything, but consuming some medication would still make your breath smell bad. The breakdown of chemicals inside the body releases gases that give the characteristic smell.

Medical conditions
Certain diseases such as diabetes, kidney problems, and gastric reflux contribute towards halitosis.


Brush and floss. Yes, you read that right. Regular brushing and floss is the best way to get rid of bad smell in the mouth. However, if you take medications or have a condition, then mouthwashes work well for the short term.

Regular bad smell after floss and brush is an indicator of oral disease. Head to Vintage Oral Surgery in Houston, Tx; for extensive consultation, call now at 281 800 8852.

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