Did you break your tooth? Broken teeth are among the common dental emergencies. A broken tooth could be chipped, completely fractured, or a molar that broke off at the gum line. Regardless of the size of the damage, a broken tooth is a dental emergency. Therefore, you’ll need to visit an oral surgeon for facial trauma treatment. But what should you do for the time being? We’ll tell you in this blog.

Signs Your Molar Broke Off at the Gum Line

The symptoms of a broken tooth are very obvious. You can run your tongue over the molar to feel it. Moreover, you can check in the mirror for visual evidence that your molar broke off at the gum line. Although it may be difficult to detect the damaged tooth with a dentist’s specialized tools, you can still spot it. Furthermore, you can feel the jagged edge of the tooth remaining in your gum.

The broken tooth, if you can see it, might look yellow or pink due to the exposed dentin layer. Black or dark brown color may indicate tooth decay.

It is also possible that you taste blood in your mouth. The blood could be due to cuts on your tongue or gums. In addition, the blood vessels in your mouth may bleed.

The damaged tooth sometimes exposes the inner pulp, making the nerves vulnerable and may lead to pain. Other times, the broken molar doesn’t hurt, or the pain comes in waves. Hence, contact with sweet and cold foods or beverages may also hurt.

Your gums may appear inflamed as the sharp edges of the molar may rub against the tongue or gums.

What to do If Your Molar Broke Off at the Gum Line

For a broken molar and other dental emergencies, visiting your dentist is a must. This is because urgent dental care may save you from severe complications. If the molar breaks below the gum line, you might need a tooth extraction. Reattaching the fractured tooth fragment is possible in some cases. However, the deeper your molar is broken off into the gum line, the more difficult it may become.

Until you can reach your oral surgeon, try to stick to these instructions:

  • Use a warm saltwater solution to rinse your mouth. Stir a teaspoon of salt in warm drinking water. Swishing the saltwater solution in your mouth helps eliminate inflammation and gets rid of any food debris.
  • Refrain from drinking or eating anything sweet, cold, or acidic. Doing so will irritate the tooth fragment.
  • You can cover the sharp-edged tooth fragment by sticking sugar-free gum on top of it. This way, you can protect the tooth until your oral surgeon can work on it. You can also place a piece of gauze where your broken molar lies.
  • If, by any chance, you have the broken fragment, rinse it with warm water. Then, secure it in a sealed plastic bag. Your dentist might be able to reattach the molar that broke off at your gum line.

Seeing your oral surgeon should be the priority, as they can use the safe and proper tools to deal with your broken molar. First, they’ll inspect it to determine which treatment to go for.

Having Dental Issues?

If your molar broke off at the gum line, it is nothing to take lightly. You must immediately visit your oral surgeon for treatment. Our Vintage Oral Surgery team is always open to treating your oral health issues. We’re just a few numbers away at (281) 800 8852.


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