Is the idea of dental procedures too overwhelming and scary for you? With the introduction of IV sedation, you can feel comfortable and maybe even sleepy while the dental specialist works on your tooth. While you might be completely under with general anesthetics, IV sedatives might induce ‘twilight sleep.’ So, does IV sedation put you to sleep? Let’s go over it in this article.

What is IV Sedation?

Short for Intravenous Sedation, IV sedation dentistry uses an antianxiety drug during dental procedures. Administered through the blood, IV sedation puts you in a peaceful and relaxed mood. This way, the dentist performs the procedure without the patient being too scared to sit in the dental chair.

How IV Sedation Works

First, let us discuss how IV sedation works. The dentist will insert a thin needle into the vein on your arm or hand. Connected to an intravenous tube, the needle helps deliver sedation into the bloodstream. If you’re not particularly fond of needles, there is no need to worry! The dental specialist can apply some numbing cream to the affected area. Sometimes, the patients might stay with the IV throughout the procedure, while other times, the needle is removed once the drug is administered.

In both circumstances, the same level of conscious sedation is achieved. Moreover, the dental team will continuously supervise your condition, including the oxygen levels and pulse, making sure the sedative does not cause a negative reaction. Other than this, the dentist will also check your blood pressure both before and after the procedure. IV sedation might make you feel slightly groggy once the process is complete, which is why it is necessary to arrange for someone else to take you home. Also, take an entire day off to rest as much as required.

Will IV Sedation Put You to Sleep?

IV sedation does not put you to sleep but might induce ‘twilight sleep,’ which is a state in which you are not entirely conscious. Nonetheless, you will feel deeply relaxed, and you will be fully aware of the surroundings. You will, however, have no recollection of the procedure once the sedative wears off. So, while you are not asleep, you are not going to remember the procedure either.

Benefits of Twilight Sedation Dentistry

If you are eligible for IV sedation, you may experience the following benefits:

    • The procedure does not put you in an uncomfortable position, with no breathing tubes or catheters.
    • It will not put you to sleep as general anesthesia does; the state of twilight sleep ends once the medication stops.
    • In comparison to traditional treatment, you will have a shorter recovery time with IV sedation. Moreover, unlike general anesthesia, you won’t gag and feel less queasy.
    • Generally, IV sedation comes at a lower price.

What’s Next?

IV sedation is an effective method to help ease your anxiety during dental procedures. While it does not put you to sleep, you’ll be extremely relaxed throughout the treatment. Once the procedure is done, you’ll not remember anything regarding the process! For such safe procedures, visit Vintage Oral Surgery at 11620 Louetta Rd. Suite B Houston, TX, 77070, or give us a ring at (281) 800 8852!

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