Impacted Wisdom Teeth Houston, Tx 77070

What is an Impacted Tooth?

Although most people develop and grow 32 permanent adult teeth, many times, their jaws are too small to accommodate the four wisdom teeth. When insufficient space is available for the teeth to erupt correctly, they are called impacted. This shows that they are not capable of erupting into the proper position for chewing and cleaning.

Types of Impactions

Our oral surgeon will see you for a consultation to determine if wisdom teeth removal will be beneficial for you or not. A special kind of x-ray for mouth and jaws (Panorex) determines if wisdom teeth are impacted if they have room to erupt and the difficulty of removing them.

  • Soft Tissue Impaction: Not enough room is available for gum tissue retraction for sufficient cleaning of the tooth.
  • Partial Bony Impaction: Enough space is available for a partial eruption of wisdom teeth. However, it results in certain issues such as cleaning problems, and the tooth is unable to function properly in the chewing process.
  • Complete Bony Impaction: No room for the tooth to erupt. It remains fixed in the jaw bone, or even if it is partially visible, it requires complex surgeries for removal. The wisdom tooth that is impacted may also be in an odd position, and it may be difficult to remove it. This situation can also occur when the removal of this tooth becomes notably complex due to the size and shape of the jaw bone and other facial structures.
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