Wisdom teeth are known for their intense, jaw-shattering pain. However, rather than bringing knowledge and wisdom, they sprout with toothaches and a whole lot of dental problems.

It’s because of this discomfort that people wonder how long wisdom teeth pain lasts. And sadly, there’s no definitive answer to that question. Although, if you want to learn more about wisdom teeth and the different ways to minimize the pain, keep on reading this blog!

The Reason Why Wisdom Teeth Hurt When Growing In

Usually, the process of wisdom teeth coming in starts from your jaw. It’s common to feel the ache first before even seeing the molars.

Moreover, depending on the size of your mouth, your jaw might not have enough space to facilitate these extra molars. Thus, wisdom teeth can sometimes turn out a little weird due to this lack of space.

Whether it’s because of entrapped gum surface or an odd angle growth, wisdom teeth start causing obstructions, leading to pain. Not to mention, since they’re located at the very back of the mouth, the lack of proper cleaning can give way to infections, swelling, and bacterial growth, which ultimately causes extreme pain.

How Long Does Wisdom Teeth Pain Last?

Technically, there’s no time limit or a set timeframe for how long wisdom teeth pain lasts. Considering how numerous factors can offset their growth pattern and lead to dental issues, it can be difficult to pinpoint when the toothache ends.

However, if there are no additional complications and your third molars are growing perfectly fine, then you can expect the intense bouts of pain to fade away soon.

Usually, wisdom teeth will cause severe pain for up to a week or two. Once that window is over, you can manage the regular stabs of pain with over-the-counter medications. This is because the process of wisdom tooth eruption tends to last for a year. Sometimes, even more than that!

Thus, it’s common to encounter frequent pain when your wisdom teeth are in the process of sprouting.

Tips To Ease The Pain

If you feel like your wisdom tooth pain is unbearable, then you can try adopting the following habits to ease the ache.

  1. Apply a cold compress over the affected area.
  2. Take over-the-counter (OTC) pain relievers.
  3. Schedule a dental screening or X-Ray.
  4. Avoid eating from the side where the wisdom tooth is growing.
  5. Use a gum-numbing gel after consulting with your dentist.
  6. Use a lukewarm saltwater solution to rinse your mouth.
  7. Visit a dentist for regular checkups.

When To Seek Dental Help

The instant you feel like your jaw is locking or performing day-to-day tasks gets difficult, contact your dentist immediately. It’s better to get your wisdom teeth checked out.

However, if your question was, “How long does wisdom teeth pain last?” there technically isn’t a fixed answer to that. The pain metric can vary depending on your jaw size and dental health.

Nonetheless, for more information, reach out to Vintage Oral Surgery at (281) 800 8852. You can also visit our clinic at 11620 Louetta Rd B, Houston, TX 77070, around the Lakewood Court Center.

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