The amount of time a patient needs to wear braces depends on his or her condition. Generally, braces have to be worn roughly one and a half years to two full years. Some cases require braces to stay on longer. Similarly, there are cases where one needs to wear braces for a short time.

What affects the treatment length?

The length of time a patient wears braces will depend on the goals of the orthodontist and the patient’s current condition.


Proper dental hygiene plays a very valuable role in orthodontics. This conveys that it is essential to adhere to the orthodontist’s instructions carefully. Strictly adhering to your dentist’s instructions may reduce the time you need to continue with treatment.

Age Matters

Not everyone who has braces is a young child. Many people of different sex and ages get braces. The main reason behind this is that a great number of adults have to fix dental issues that were not addressed in adolescence.

The length of time one will need to wear braces shall rely on how old a person is at the time of treatment. The earlier someone gets braces, the faster the dental treatment shall be.

The Type of Braces

The type of braces one requires will also have a huge effect on the amount of time they must wear braces.

  • Ceramic braces are sturdy and come with a better appearance. However, these are worn longer since these braces do not have the same level of strength as metal braces.
  • Many people prefer lingual braces. However, this approach will take longer to be effective. On the other hand, metal braces work more effectively since they are made from durable materials.

By carefully following the orthodontist’s advice regarding proper oral hygiene and care for braces can help to minimize the length of time wearing braces.

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