Burning the mouth roof, or tongue is very common during hasty eating or drinking or when you are distracted. But what to do if the soup is hotter than expected? Well, in that case, read this blog to know how to heal a burnt tongue quickly.

There are 2 types of tongue burns, thermal burns – heat from hot food or beverages, and other are chemical burns. Burnt tongue from the former category is more common than the latter. The burn may be of varying degrees and appear as small humps on the tongue.

9 Ways You Can Easily Heal a Burnt Tongue

Usually, there is no set treatment required for a thermally burnt tongue. The body’s natural mechanism helps slough off dead cells with fresh ones every 14 days. In the meantime, it is important that you cool it down for an adequate period and proper healing.

Cool Your Tongue

The first thing a person naturally does is cool off the burnt tongue, which is the best thing. Get ice chips or drink ice-cold water for fast pain relief. The sooner it is done, the better. Cooling action stops the heat from going inside the tongue tissues.

Moreover, continuously drinking cold water will help keep you hydrated, increasing saliva production, which in turn heals the burnt tongue and protects it from bacteria as well.

Avoiding Irritation Triggers

Having foods or drinks famous for aggravating the issue ill-advised. Some of the common triggers are hot beverages, spicy or acidic food, and alcohol, so steer clear from these categories to heal your burnt tongue.

Do not Brush The Tongue

Brushing a burnt tongue is a nightmare; it is best to stop doing it. The brushing effect slows down the burnt tongue tissues’ healing time and causes irritation and pain.

Eat or Drink Milk Products

A milk coating or dairy-related products act as a soothing and protective layer for the burnt tissues giving a cooling effect.

Saltwater Solution Rinse

Saltwater rinse as a mouthwash is indicated for various mouth injuries for accentuating healing. It is an antibacterial solution that provides symptomatic relief, and it is prepared with taking half a spoon of salt dissolved in a glass of cold water.

Topical Anesthetic Agent

If the pain becomes unbearable, you can always choose over-the-counter topical gels that help numb the tongue for relief. Oral anesthetic gels are usually used for numbing tooth roots or sores but work well for soothing a burnt tongue as well.

Over The Counter Pain Killers

Taking oral medicines aids in prompt pain relief – Ibuprofen and acetaminophen are medicines that are regularly used.


Honey immediately helps to heal burnt organs like the tongue or mouth roof etc. It not only comforts the aching buds but promotes a faster healing process.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E promotes healing of the tissues, and using 1000 IU capsules on the burnt tongue area is considered apt for the healing process.


A thermal burnt tongue heals as time passes. With the methods mentioned above and careful eating, the healing process will complete soon. However, in case of deep burns or chemical ones, get medical attention immediately for your wellbeing.

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