A missing tooth can really put a dent in your perfect smile. While dentures are a convenient way of restoration, they can be bothersome at times. Do not worry; we have a solution for you – dental implants. If you are looking for alternatives, this can be your best bet. If the process seems intimidating, read on to get rid of your fears. This blog has detailed healing stages after getting a dental implant.

Dental implants are fixed via invasive surgery. However, the healing stages are pretty simple and easy. The time taken for recovery depends on various factors such as length of surgery, oral health, and quantity of implants

Dental Implant Healing Time

Dental implants are a very good option for people looking for permanent treatment for their missing teeth. The surgery is invasive and will take its time to heal. If there is no requirement for extra surgeries, then dental implant fixation healing stages take no more than four weeks. However, on average, it takes four to six months for the healing process to complete after dental implant surgery.

But, there is no rule of thumb when it comes to recovery time. Some people might go back to work the other day, or some may rejoin the same day. Everyone’s progress is different; thus, the healing time is different.

Usually, minor discomfort and pain with swelling last for not more than a few days. With proper care, the patient can get back to eating normally within 7 to 10 days.

Factors That Influence Healing Stages After Dental Implant Surgery

The dental implant is added to act as a root for a solid foundation in the jaw bone. When the implant is affixed, it takes a few months for the implant and living body to fuse together fully. This is a natural process, and unfortunately, there is no way to fast track it. This stage takes up the most amount of time, 2 to 4 months approx. Once Osseointegration is successful, the crown is placed on it.

It is an invasive but minor surgical procedure. If everything goes well and the post-op care is working, the patients can go off OTC pain killers after 14 days.

Tips For Recovery After Dental Implant Process

Follow these tips for swift healing after a dental implant procedure

Rest up
Resting is very important. Go easy on yourself, have a good nap or full night’s sleep for better health in the morning. Avoid hard activities that can put a strain on the teeth.

Oral hygiene regime
It is important to thoroughly understand the oral regime of brush and floss to follow after this surgery. Avoid the tender area but clean the rest of your mouth. The last thing you would want is plaque buildup in the mouth.

Apply Ice
Icing is very important; it works like a charm for pain relief, swelling, and bruising. Put the ice pack on the jaw for at least 30 minutes and repeat periodically for the next 24 hours. The swelling should go down in a few days.

Blood clot
Make sure to safeguard the blood clot. If it dislodges, then the healing time after dental implant surgery can increase multifold.

Take your meds
Manage the pain with NSAIDs.

Take Out

Getting a dental implant is one of the best decisions for a missing tooth. This procedure will fix your smile permanently. Feel free to reach out to us at Vintage Oral Surgery if you plan to get an implant. Our dentists will be more than happy to help. Call now at 281 800 8852 for more details.

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