Are you experiencing pain 10 days after your wisdom tooth removal? Typically, after a wisdom tooth extraction, you’re likely to feel some soreness or pain in the general area of extraction – and that’s perfectly normal. But should you be concerned if your recovery is taking longer? Read on to find out more about whether your pain is normal 10 days after your wisdom tooth removal.

You Can Expect Pain and Soreness

Your dentist administers a local anesthetic during the extraction to numb the pain in the surrounding area. Alternatively, you may be put under using general anesthesia or sedatives. But, after the surgery, the effect of these drugs wears off. Since the extraction disturbs the soft tissue and bone surrounding the tooth, you can expect some pain.
The soreness and pain usually peak within the first 48 hours of extraction. After this, it may continue to last for a few days. Your dental surgeon will prescribe the appropriate painkillers if necessary, and it is important to take them as instructed.

Depending on the difficulty of the extraction, you may experience more intense pain. Usually, this can happen with an impacted wisdom tooth or one that is removed in fragments. This can cause additional trauma to the socket and surrounding tissue. Again, your doctor may prescribe stronger painkillers to help you manage your recovery.

However, if your pain is intense and chronic and does not subside anywhere from a week to 10 days after the extraction, you may need to pay attention to certain risk factors that affect your recovery.

Other Reasons For Pain After Wisdom Tooth Removal

You have to be diligent to make sure you don’t irritate the extraction site after the surgery. After the wisdom tooth extraction, a blood clot tends to form around the socket to allow the area to heal and recover. Displacing this blood clot leaves the bone and nerve underneath exposed. This can cause an excruciating condition known as a ‘dry socket.’

Below is a list of factors that can contribute to your pain. It helps to avoid these:

  • Smoking, vaping or using other tobacco products. Introducing foreign contaminants into a fresh surgical site is never a good idea and can prolong recovery time.
  • Drinking liquids through a straw. The sucking action performed can dislodge the blood clot that allows the area to heal.
  • Drinking hot or carbonated beverages can also irritate the sensitive region of the extraction.
  • Not maintaining proper oral hygiene. Your dentist will give you a home care routine that you must follow to heal, particularly if the surgery was intense.
  • Using oral contraceptives or contraindicated medicines, such as warfarin, can interfere with the body’s natural healing processes and prevent the formation of a blood clot.

More Than 10 Days? We Are Here To Help

Our specialized team at Vintage Oral Surgery performs wisdom tooth extractions regularly, and we have a lot of experience dealing with complications. If it’s been more than 10 days since your operation, and you’re still experiencing pain, you may need medical attention. Give us a call at (281) 800-8852, and we’ll be happy to help you with your post-op pain management.

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