Missing teeth can cause several problems for our oral health. If we don’t find a replacement, there is a chance that our jawbones degrade or gums recess. These actions will weaken the teeth and also affect the facial appearance and your smile. Dental Implants are one of the best ways of teeth replacement; their popularity increases as the procedure results in replacement teeth that function exactly like natural ones. But people wonder, do dental implants hurt? There might be a minimal feeling depending on the individual’s tolerance level; however, with medicines, chances are minimum. Read along to find out more about the procedure and, as it continues, what to expect.

Dental Implants

There was a time when people only had to rely on the use of bridges and dentures for teeth replacement; however, times have changed now. Dental Implant is a permanent solution of teeth replacement that gives you natural smiles. These are titanium posts that fix into the gums and function as the roots for the new structure. The posts give dental implants the strength to function like natural teeth. The procedure is lengthy and might take up to months, depending on the individual’s oral condition.

There are specific requirements to match, including bone density before performing implants. The person might need grafting if the bone density lacks in the area, as it has to be strong enough to hold the screw. Hence it starts with the initial consultation and then involves various steps. Finally, a crown is placed on the implant to secure it. Although the procedure is lengthy and takes months or even a year until the new structure settles in your mouth, it is worth the wait.

Do dental implants hurt

The patient is given anesthesia before the procedure that offers relief from pain and anxiety. However, when the anesthesia starts wearing off after the surgery, there is a possibility of some discomfort. There is nothing to worry about as the practitioner will prescribe pain killers to give relief. Moreover, for some time, you might feel a bit tired and sleepy due to the effect of sedation. You might take a day off from work to return to your normal state as driving can be dangerous.

For the next 24-48 hours, there might be some irritation and pain in the gums; furthermore, the condition might last for a week or few more days. In any case, the pain shouldn’t last more than two weeks. If it does, contact the oral surgeon immediately as it might be a sign of complication. You have to take care while brushing and rinsing your mouth. Try to use soft and slow moves without affecting the placement of the implant. Besides, some swelling and discomfort are regular around cheeks, chin, or underneath the eye for the next few days after the implant procedure. Conditions normalize in few days.

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