Do you feel a sharp pain that suddenly starts and disappears when you bite on something? You may be suffering from a hairline fracture or a cracked tooth. This article will help you understand what a hairline tooth fracture is and what you should do if you have one.

What Is A Hairline Tooth Fracture?

If you see a small crack on your tooth, it may be a hairline fracture, leading to you losing your tooth. There are different cracks, such as vertical cracks, craze lines, fractured cusp, and splitting of the tooth.

How Did the Fracture Happen?

There are several different reasons due to which you may have a Hairline tooth fracture. Such as:

  • Did You Chew Wrongly: Chewing hard on food items that are tough to break food items such as nuts or a cube of ice; chances are it may crack your tooth.
  • Did You Pressure Your Jaw: Clenching your jaw or grinding your teeth at night can lead to you pressuring your jaw, which can fracture your tooth.
  • Did You Injure Your Teeth: If you had a blow on the mouth due to an accident or sports can be a reason for your fracture.
  • Did The Temperature Change: Immediately drinking ice cold water right after eating hot food can affect your teeth and fracture your teeth.
  • Did You Age: In most cases, fracture in the teeth could be because you have aged.

What Are Some Symptoms Of A Hairline Tooth Fracture?

In most cases, you may not experience any symptoms if you have a hairline tooth fracture. But here are some symptoms you should keep an eye out for:

  • If you experience pain that suddenly comes and goes when you are chewing.
  • Are your teeth becoming sensitive to sweets, heat, or the cold?
  • Have the gums around your affected teeth swollen and giving you pain?

What Are Some Treatments For A Hairline Tooth Fracture?

It is essential to understand where the fracture crack is located and how the teeth have been damaged. Based on this, our dentists will be able to prepare their treatment plans. Some standard solutions are:

  • Bonding of the teeth
  • Placing a crown
  • Undergoing a root canal or an extraction

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms and want to come in for a check-up, book an appointment at Vintage Oral Surgery & Periodontics. We have the best dentists to help relieve your pain. To book an appointment, call us on (281) 800 8852.

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