With age, many changes occur in our bodies. It is a fact that no matter how healthy a lifestyle you spend and the nutritious diet you take, every individual’s strength starts declining after the age of 65. It is a natural phenomenon. However, advancements in technology have given the seniors many benefits nowadays, which were impossible for a decade. Elders start losing their permanent teeth after a certain age, and it is one of the worst experiences of life. Though various options, including dentures, is available; what about the convenience? Dental implant for seniors is one of the best options for them to replace their natural teeth.

Dental implant for seniors

Usually, we see many adults wearing dentures. Although, with time, they become used to it; its maintenance is not easy. A dental implant is a lengthy procedure but replaces a structure that functions like the natural teeth. It would be great for our seniors to regain their chewing and biting habits. Whether it’s hard nuts to crack or chewy candies, elders will not face any difficulty. Moreover, better chewing and biting will lead to good digestion, which is necessary, especially at this age. To sum up, the following are the pros which our seniors can have after the implant.

Choice of food
After the implant, seniors will have their proper teeth again, and they can eat whatever they wish. Regaining your natural biting and chewing abilities is one of the greatest feelings in life. Fruits, veggies, nuts, cookies, and every other stuff provided their health permits.

Good appearance needs healthy teeth. People over the age of 60s usually lose their looks due to their health and teeth. Dental implants will regain their appearance and confidence. They will be delighted to take selfies with their grandchildren and friends with broad smiles. Staying happy with healthy teeth boosts up both physical and mental health in people, irrespective of age.

At first, dentures seem expensive; but they are not if we see them in the longer term. It is a one-time investment. Besides dentures and other methods need various changes and maintenance over time, implants are permanent and long-lasting. They require less care and function like natural teeth. People who have implants feel a positive difference in their lives.

Are dental implants safe for seniors?

For seniors, few considerations are necessary before the implant. The procedure needs good bone density to stabilize itself. So, before the dental implant, bone density is thoroughly checked. Naturally, after the loss of a tooth, jaws start losing bone strength and weaken with time. Hence, the procedure is done if the bone can hold the new structure firmly. A bone graft is an option available depending on the individual’s choice.

So, if you are looking for dental implants for seniors, contact us for proper advice. We use the latest technology to carry on the procedure; furthermore will first inspect your gums and then give advice. Call Vintage Oral Surgery at (281) 800 8852 to schedule your oral appointment.

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