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The truth about Dental Implants

Jan 15, 2021

Dental implants are one of the most successful methods to replace the missing teeth. If you are searching for the truth about dental implants, are they one of the best solutions? A simple answer is yes; to know the reasons behind it, read along with the details of this procedure and the interesting facts related […]

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How long after wisdom teeth removal can I eat a burger?

Dec 30, 2020

After having the surgery, often patients ask how long after wisdom teeth removal can I eat a burger? It is better to wait for a few days. Immediately after tooth extraction, the exposed area needs time to heal itself; hence try choosing liquid or soft semi diet for the next one or two days. Biting […]

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Dental implant for seniors

Dec 15, 2020

With age, many changes occur in our bodies. It is a fact that no matter how healthy a lifestyle you spend and the nutritious diet you take, every individual’s strength starts declining after the age of 65. It is a natural phenomenon. However, advancements in technology have given the seniors many benefits nowadays, which were […]

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What are the Pros and cons of dental implants?

Nov 30, 2020

Have you lost your permanent teeth recently and are worried about what to do to get them back. Dental implants result in natural-looking teeth that function exactly alike. However, there are pros and cons of dental implants to consider. On the other hand, it is also true that despite a few disadvantages, the benefits outweigh. […]

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When Can I Eat After Wisdom Teeth Removal and Resume My Regular Diet?

Nov 15, 2020

The final sets of the molar to rise after the age of 15-16 are the wisdom teeth. Being latecomers, they often create problems, and in most situations, they occur at crooked angles. To make their place, they push existing teeth and cause decay, infection, and inflammation close by tissues and gums. Hence, removing wisdom teeth […]

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Can You Remove Braces By Yourself?

Oct 30, 2020

Since the day your braces treatment started, your ears were waiting to hear your orthodontist say, “Shortly, we will be removing your braces.” No matter if it’s only been a few months or full two years, braces removal is a treat for everyone. So now that it’s time to remove the braces, can you do […]

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Are You Having Sore Throat After Wisdom Teeth Removal? Is it okay?

Oct 15, 2020

If you just have had your wisdom teeth extracted, you may be having ache and soreness in your throat after your surgery. But is it normal to expect a sore throat after your wisdom tooth extraction, or is it a symptom of something worse? Get more insights from the experts at Vintage Oral Surgery. Is […]

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What to do When an Adult Tooth Falls Out?

Sep 30, 2020

When a permanent tooth falls out or gets knocked out of your mouth, this is called an avulsed tooth. A fallen tooth is one of the most serious dental emergencies you might face. It can cause great concern, primarily because permanent teeth don’t grow back as baby teeth do. If your tooth can’t be fixed, […]

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How to Care for and Clean Wisdom Teeth

Sep 15, 2020

Because your wisdom teeth (third molars) are at the very last row, brushing wisdom teeth is a little tricky. However, the less accessible they are, the more susceptible they are to tooth decay and gum disease. Therefore, it’s important to know how to clean wisdom teeth—and how to do it thoroughly. Here are a few […]

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The pros and cons of four types of braces

Aug 30, 2020

Do you need braces? If so, there are countless options to choose from. In this post, we will describe the pros and cons of the four types of braces. 1: Metal braces Metal braces are made from high-quality stainless steel and rubber bands that are used to attach the wire. Thanks to the advancing dentistry […]

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