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Signs That Your Candida Is Going Away

Apr 30, 2022

Sometimes, eating healthy and maintaining a clean diet can feel unwell. Ironic, right? It may be unexpected, but that does not mean it is all bad. If you are steering clear of alcohol, gluten, and other unhealthy food and feel like you have flu, it may be one of the signs that your candida is […]

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TMJ Jaw Pain – What Other Symptoms Are There?

Apr 15, 2022

Problems related to your jaw joints and connected muscles are called Temporomandibular Joint Disorders or TMJ Disorders. People with this condition often complain of jaw pain on one side or both. But there are other symptoms that hint at this disorder, like headache, shoulder pain, trouble with jaw and mouth movements, and more. What Causes […]

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Are These White Spots On The Tonsils, Stones?

Mar 30, 2022

One day, you wake up with a sore throat and white spots on the tonsils; it is very unsightly and painful. The issue might cause distress and raise concerns regarding the ongoing change in your body. This condition is caused because of a variety of reasons, most of which are resolved easily. The white spots […]

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Help! I Have Burnt My Tongue – How Do I Soothe It?

Mar 15, 2022

Burning the mouth roof, or tongue is very common during hasty eating or drinking or when you are distracted. But what to do if the soup is hotter than expected? Well, in that case, read this blog to know how to heal a burnt tongue quickly. There are 2 types of tongue burns, thermal burns […]

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Wisdom Teeth Stitches And Associated Issues – Explained

Feb 28, 2022

Tooth extraction is a harmless and easy procedure that usually does not take more than an hour. However, you should expect some incisions or cuts with stitches as well on the wisdom or other teeth extraction site. Wisdom teeth emerge after the permanent set settles in and consequently have the least space, resulting in impacted […]

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Wondering “Why Are My Gums White?” Our Top 5 Picks For You

Feb 15, 2022

Healthy gums have a fleshy pink-colored appearance; however, they may become red if you don’t follow a proper oral regime. If you wonder, “Why are my gums white?” continue with this blog for your answers. There are many reasons for developing white spots on the gums; let’s discuss a few to understand the situation better. […]

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Pimple On The Gums – Causes and Treatment Explained

Jan 30, 2022

A gum boil or pimple on gums is a bump that emerges on the jaw bone or inside the gum line. It’s a bulgy abscess growth on gums. The main cause for this issue is bacterial buildup inside the mouth because of plaque or food debris. Let’s discuss this condition, its causes, and treatment methods […]

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Why Are My Teeth Sensitive? Top 10 answers For Your Question

Jan 15, 2022

A sharp sting when you take the first bite of ice cream or a sudden zap at the touch of soda is not worth remembering. If the toothache comes and goes like an impulse or is constant, you most likely suffer from sensitive teeth. If you always question yourself, “Why are my teeth sensitive?” then […]

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5 Reasons Why Tooth Pain Under Crown Comes And Goes

Dec 30, 2021

Some people get surprised when they experience tooth pain under a crown that comes and goes. They often believe that their tooth is no longer vulnerable to dental problems because it has a dental crown. However, this is far from the truth. Your tooth under a crown is as susceptible to dental ailments as any […]

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Does Everyone Have Wisdom Teeth?

Dec 15, 2021

Are you wondering whether everyone has wisdom teeth? If so, this guide is for you. Teeth typically grow in stages, from incisors and canines to premolars and molars. Wisdom teeth are the last set of teeth to erupt. They grow at the back of your mouth. Most young adults get their wisdom teeth between the […]

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