Your tongue is a great marker for notifying deviation from normal physiological functioning of the body. Noticing black spots on your tongue can make you uneasy; what is the reason behind it? Well, spots appearing in the oral cavity be it the tongue or even teeth is problematic, more so when you keep up with good oral health.

If you have found one, do not worry; not every stain or spot on the tongue is fatal. Although, they do indicate an underlying condition. Let’s have a look at the causes and treatments for black spots on the tongue.

How Does The Tongue Look Naturally?

To understand abnormality, you must know what the natural appearance of your tongue is.

A human tongue is a fleshy organ that houses hundreds of taste buds. The tongue moves and chews your food around the mouth when you eat.

In the meantime, these taste buds send signals to the brain for interpreting the flavor. Sometimes, stains are left behind on them by food or beverages that contain staining pigments such as coffee.

Black Spots on the Tongue – Causes

Some of the common causes include:


Hyperpigmentation of the tongue may be the reason why black spots or dots on your tongue may appear. Pigmentation is what gives color to your external organs; however, excess of it can cause harmless dark spots to appear.

Injury to the Tongue

Many times injuries to the tongue or oral piercings can lead to black spots. If you have ever undergone such experience, there may be a dark spot as a memoir of damage.

Tongue’s Exposure To Chemicals

Multiple chemicals can change your tongue to black. One such chemical is bismuth; it is known to discolor the tongue. You should know that such chemicals as bismuth are present in medications as well. Though bismuth changes the color of your whole tongue, the change starts via small patches of black on it.

Tongue Cancer

As mentioned earlier, these black dots on the tongue are mostly not a sign of something serious; however, you can’t completely rule out the fact that it can be cancer. In such a condition, you may find black spots as sores or even scabs that don’t heal. Other signs include:

  • A persistent white, red, black, or brown spot doesn’t heal
  • Consistent sore throat
  • Lump on the tongue
  • Pain during swallowing
  • Numbness in the mouth

Black Spots on the Tongue Treatment

You should first practice good oral hygiene to get rid of the black spots on the tongue. If those dark spots go away after some time, further treatment is not needed.

To Conclude

But, if black spots stay on the tongue and show up with other symptoms such as swelling or bump on the tongue, visit Vintage Oral Surgery for help. Schedule an appointment with us today at 281 800 8852 to discuss this matter with us. Our experts are here for you.

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