Although gaining popularity, many people still wonder about dental implants safely and what complications can come up after the procedure. Many consider it one of the best ways to restore smiles and return teeth that function exactly like the natural ones. The latest technology advancements have taken these procedures to a higher level and made them more comfortable and safer. The article will describe other dental implants, why they are safe procedures and their benefits.

Dental Implants

An implant is like the root of the tooth in the shape of a screw. It fixes on the jawbone during the surgery to form a stable foundation that firmly holds the new tooth. Due to its grip, the tooth functions as a natural structure and you can eat any diet. On the other hand, eating with all other alternative replacement methods restricts you from having chewy and crunchy food. However, keep in mind that maintaining oral hygiene is necessary to prevent infections and spread bacteria resulting in oral diseases.

Are dental implants safe?

Dental implants have a 95% success rate, which is making them popular day by day. It is one of the safest methods to opt for today to get your teeth and natural smile back. Although it takes longer and you have to visit the doctor for multiple appointments during which various steps carry out, it’s a convenient and safe method. It starts from discussions with the doctor to get the treatment plan as per your oral need. Initially, few X-rays are taken using the latest instruments to gain insight into your oral condition. The implant’s exact place is marked, and few things are checked, like density for your bone. In case it is less than the requirement, you have to have bone grafting before the implant.

Next, the treatment starts that includes multiple appointments as per the need. For more details about how long it will take, talk to the doctors to have the right guidance. Apart from the strength of your bone, other factors put into consideration are your age and health. As you grow, the healing process slows down, and few diseases like diabetes can adversely affect implants. Therefore before starting the treatment, you will have to provide your medical history. Your health matters, so take proper care of it.

Benefits of dental implants

Being a safe and convenient method, it has many benefits.

  • A dental implant gives a permanent solution to replace your missing teeth and natural smile. All other methods are temporary and require several dental appointments and too much maintenance. Initially, it might look like an expensive and lengthy procedure; however, you get relief in the longer-term.
  • After losing the teeth, space creates in your mouth, which affects the jawbone over time and weakens it. Gradually the other teeth start leaving their place, affecting the appearance. Implants save and protect your jawbone and return your smile.
  • You can eat whatever you want; there are no restrictions after you have had dental implants. Whether it’s steak, burgers, crunchy chips, or any other food, you don’t have to think before having a bite. The tooth is firmly bonded on your jaws and won’t shift or move no matter what food you bite.

There are several other benefits of dental implants, so if you still wonder are dental implants safe, contact Vintage Oral Surgery for more information. Call us at (281) 800 8852 to schedule your appointment.

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