Do you have a swollen jaw on one side? From issues with teeth or gums to swollen glands under the chin to a traumatic injury, various reasons could be why you have an inflamed jaw. Therefore, you should immediately visit an oral surgeon to get your jaw inspected. They can perform a diagnosis and suggest adequate treatment.

In this blog, we will talk about the possible causes of the swollen jaw on one side. Moreover, we will talk about the recommended treatment options for the causes.

Causes of Swollen Jaw on One Side

Here are some reasons why you might notice swelling in one side of your jaw:

1. Dental Infection

When infection occurs in your teeth or gums, it can spread throughout the tissues of the mouth. Consequently, you might notice a swollen jaw on one side. You need immediate dental attention for this kind of infection since it can become severe and cause difficult symptoms.

Your dentist will take an x-ray of the mouth to determine how to treat the tooth abscess. Usually, the treatment involves incision and drainage along with antibiotics.

2. Jaw Injury

Did you recently experience trauma to your jaw? That might be the culprit of your jaw is swollen on one side. This is because an injured jaw can lead to a collection of blood within the tissue or even a fracture. As a result, you might notice swelling and inflammation in your jaw. You will need facial trauma treatment for jaw injury; make sure to schedule an appointment with a trusted doctor.

3. Tooth Extraction

Removal of a tooth can have many reactions, including swollen jaw on one side. The extraction site might hurt and become swollen for a few days. Although the symptoms go away on their own after a few days, you should talk to your oral surgeon if they persist. Complications after tooth extraction are common — make sure you take the necessary steps to prevent them.

4. Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Dysfunction Disorder

Your TMJ connects the upper and lower jawbones, and dysfunction plus long-term pain in this joint can result in a disorder. Since TMJ is subject to sprain and injury, disorders can occur, leading to many symptoms, such as swollen jaw on one side. If you have this condition, you will require TMJ treatment, which depends on the severity of your case. Visit a TMJ specialist before the condition progresses!

5. Pericoronitis

Infection of the wisdom tooth, or pericoronitis, can cause jaw pain and swelling. Moreover, impacted wisdom teeth lead to swollen gums, among other painful symptoms. Bacteria can invade the gums once the wisdom tooth erupts, infecting the area. If you have a swollen jaw on one side and pain due to a wisdom tooth infection, visit a dentist right away! Infected wisdom tooth symptoms can cause a lot of discomforts. However, your oral surgeon can inspect the molar and proceed with proper treatment.

The Takeaway

In conclusion, a swollen jaw on one side is a symptom of many dental and oral health issues. Hence, it is best to visit an oral healthcare provider for treatment. Our Vintage Oral Surgery team will not let you down. Trust us and schedule an appointment at (281) 800 8852. You can also visit our dental office at 11620 Louetta Rd. Suite B Houston, TX, 77070.

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